Shohreh Sharif DENTISTRY's SAFETY PRACTICES ON the covid-19


Summer Services

MEETING A PATIENT’S NEEDS IS DR. SHARIF’S TOP PRIORITY By: John Byrd — ELAN Magazine   When you’ve practiced dentistry in the same community for

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Invisible Braces

BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY MAKES IT EASIER TO STRAIGHTEN TEETH AT ANY AGE By: John Byrd — Elan Magazine   If you are looking for beautiful straight

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Early Orthodontic Care

SOLID DIAGNOSTIC EXPERIENCE CRITICAL TO FINDING THE APPRORIATE TREATMENT PLAN By: John Byrd — Elan Magazine   Having opened a second branch in Merrifield earlier

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Child Oral Health Care

A Thorough Approach To Pediatric Dentistry By: John Byrd — Elan Magazine   Dr. shorheh sharif has opened a second branch of Greater Washington dentistry

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