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Pediatric Oral Surgery


When a restorative treatment does not work to save a baby tooth whether due to trauma or decay infection, extraction is the best alternative method. This is also applied when there is crowding, or over retention, or a permanent tooth that needs to be extracted. To keep our patients at ease while we perform this dental process, we apply anesthesia at a level that is appropriate for their needs.


We perform two types of frenectomies namely, labial and lingual, for tongue tie or lip tie problems. This is a short frenulum problem preventing your child to move tongue and lip properly. These can badly affect the speech, eating, and development of the teeth and jaws. Moreover, tongue-tie can cause difficulties with your infant’s breast and bottle feeding. Laser dentistry is the best treatment for kids with tongue tie and lip tie because it is comfortable and painless.


At our clinic, our pediatric dentists can perform biopsies to determine that cause of your child’s abnormal gum tissue. There are several ways the procedure can be done. However, if applicable, we can provide simple brush biopsies that only cause them very little discomfort.


Should your child need oral surgery from pediatric dentists in Fairfax, Virginia, feel free to schedule an appointment at our clinic today. We will see to it that they will be accommodated as soon as possible.

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