Retainer Instructions

  • You should wear your retainer all the time. Or, make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions on how often you should wear it.
  • Take off your retainer when eating and when you go swimming, and remember to put it in its case. Also, don’t put retainers near hot water or on hot car dashboards, pockets, washing machines, and napkins.
  • Clean your retainer once a day with toothbrush, toothpaste and warm water. Doing so will remove plaque and unpleasant odors. You can use Efferdent® and other orthodontic appliance cleaners, yet those can’t totally replace brushing.
  • When you first wear your retainer, it is only normal to have difficulty speaking. To get used to it quickly, practice reading or speaking while wearing it.
  • Retainers are fragile.If ever yours gets broken or lost, contact us immediately. You can also call us if you have questions or concerns such as adjusting your retainer.
  • During doctor appointments, always bring your retainer.
  • You should really take good care of your appliance because retainer replacements are expensive.