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Two Phase Treatment

What is the long-term benefit of two-phase orthodontic treatment?

Two-phase orthodontic treatment involves combining tooth straightening and physical, facial changes. This is performed to pump up the chance towards accomplishing ideal healthy, functional, and aesthetic dental results that will last longer.

What if you don’t undergo treatment now?

If you do so, you can expect to have more extensive and complex dental treatment later on. Worse? You’ll not totally fix your smile.

Phase One

Build your foundation for a lifetime of beautiful smiles

Phase One treatment focuses on the proper development of the jaw to accommodate all your permanent teeth and improve the sync between the upper and lower jaws.


It is easy to spot jaw problems in children. It could be that the upper jaw is growing too much or too narrow. Another would be that they have crowded teeth. These cases are subject to early  orthodontic treatment.

Plan now to save your beautiful smile later

Children can benefit a lot from early-phase treatment more than what you can think of. This will prevent permanent teeth removal in their adult years and even oral surgical procedures.

Make records to determine your unique dental treatment

Keeping orthodontic records will help your doctor determine the type of appliance to be used, the treatment duration, and the frequency of visits. Records may include models of the teeth, X-rays, and photographs. The doctor will use those records to evaluate the need for early treatment.

Resting period - monitoring your teeth's progress

After the first phase of treatment, teeth are still not in their final positions. Thus, the second phase treatment exists. This may include selective removal of certain baby teeth to enhance eruption during the resting phase. You can expect to have periodic appointments for observation, which usually lasts for six months.

Phase Two

Stay healthy and look attractive

The second phase focuses on ensuring that each tooth is growing in the right position syncing with the lips, cheeks, tongue, and other teeth. This then promotes proper teeth function. This phase usually involves full upper and lower braces for an average of 24 months.


You can start the second phase when all the permanent teeth have erupted. After this phase are retainers, so you can retain your beautiful smile.


Does your child need early orthodontic treatment? You can visit our location so that our dentist can fully assess your children’s situation and come up with the proper treatment to enhance their smiles.


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